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simple lighting and design lighting

Lighting is our needs in the dark, every houses need lights. What kind of lights that can fix at home?  Actually any lights can fix in the house.  The different is how bright you want.  Then you have to choose how many light holder for the light fitting.  We provide simple lighting and design lighting for all sweet home.  Bright with Led energy saving bulbs, easy maintenance, which everyone can replace the bulbs easily.  Beside this simple lighting, we also have normal ceiling light, down light to suit all kinds of needs.  If you need electrical wiring for the lights, we can do it .

Simple Hanging crystal designer lights

Cozy crystal gold color, upgrade the dining and hall energy.

item : eu GC200-3

item : eu GC300

Simple Ceiling mount designer lights

Most beautiful light after install at your hall or dinning

item : Round in Round (820mm)

item : Oval Leaf (780mm)

Simple lighting – Aluminium Light

Simply Aluminium Light, simple light fitting, long lasting lighting for simple home.

item : H001/1

item : H003/1

item : H006/3

item : H002/1

Item : Flower LED Hanging Light

Design lighting – Simple Black Hanging Light

Simple black color wire lighting, can be hanging type and ceiling type mount type, bright simple lighting and design lighting.

Simple lighting – Commercial Type Hanging Light

item : 8805

Simple Lighting

The light fitting which can see the bulb easily, will give you more brightness.  The reason is that no glass blocking the brightness of the bulb.  its a very simple lighting.

item : C8300

item : ZM38BK

Item : ZM38WH

item : ZM39SV

item : ZM39BK

item : XD6075 18w LED

Item : LKF05 – WH

3 way LED light

item : 6543/4SQ white

item : 6543/4SQ black

Design lighting – Track Lighting

For modern home simple and design lighting, can make your home look outstanding classic and design.  We have 1 meter, 1.5 meter, 2 meter length. Black and white color, we have 15 watts light holder and 20 watts light holder.  Can shine to different direction.

item : D7 track light holder – WH

item : D7 track light holder – BK

item : D6 track light holder – WH

item : D6 track light holder – BK

item : EC track light holder – 12W

Simple lighting – Industrial Type

Industrial type bronze piping simple lighting, wall mount and ceiling mount, big set and special design lighting. Easy maintenance.